A Comprehensive ProEnhance System Review

Now you don’t have to remember to take a pill every day for male sexual enhancement. PROenhance patches offer you a better erection, stronger stamina and better orgasms in the bedroom just by applying and wearing a patch you only have to change every three days. The patch is placed on a non-hairy spot on your abdomen and it sticks during bathing, swimming, sports, and even during sex. This product contains all-natural ingredients available without a prescription.

Every man could use a boost when it comes to his sex drive and sexual abilities. Men, due to poor diets, smoking and the normal aging process can come to suffer soft erections, a lack of male libido, and unsatisfactory ejaculations and orgasms. This can affect the entire sex act, leaving both the man and woman unsatisfied with the sexual experience.

While they make prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, these are often very expensive and don’t address all areas of the sexual response. You need to go to the doctor periodically to get the pills and they usually take at least an hour to kick in. What’s needed is a prescription-free natural product like PROenhance Patches that can be placed directly on the skin for three days, giving you round the clock ability to have a long and strong erection for the best in sexual health.

PROenhance Patches contain all-natural herbal substances that are imbedded in the adhesive of a patch and use a proven patch delivery system that keeps a steady state of the product in your system until you need to change the patch after 72 hours.

PROenhance Patches are a multi-herbal product containing several agents for male sexual enhancement:

  • Panax Ginseng. This is an Asian herb known to enhance male sexual performance and infertility. It is used in traditional Chinese Medicine and in Native American medicine to improve male sexual performance.

  • He Shou Wu. This is an herbal supplement that fights age-related sexual decline. It enhances the quality of the erection and increases libido. It also is said to restore youthful appearance and vigor.

  • Gotu Kola. This is an Ayurvedic herb that improves sexual stamina and maximizes erectile firmness. It is also called Indian Pennywort. It helps men with high blood pressure and increases the flow of blood within the penis, leading to a harder erection.

  • Saw Palmetto. This is a natural aphrodisiac that improves a man’s sexual stamina and libido. It is an anabolic herb that also fights off benign enlargement of the prostate.

  • Damla. This is an herb used in Mayan cultures as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac. It strengthens the male libido and increases the sensitivity of the penis to stimulation.

  • Menthol. This is added to the herbal ingredients because it opens the pores, allowing free passage of the other herbal ingredients in PROenhance to into the system.

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The PROenhance Patches take full effect after 5 months of use. You’ll notice in the first month that the erections are firmer and the size of the penis is increasing during an erection. By the third month, there will be an increase in libido and by the fifth month, orgasms will be considerably improved, with an increase in ejaculate volume.

This product is doctor-endorsed, including a nice write-up on its website by Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM, who wholeheartedly endorses the product. The company also receives dozens of positive comments and testimonials by satisfied customers every week. The delivery system is doctor-approved and is used in other area of medicine, such as with nicotine patches, hormone patches and patches to prevent angina of the heart. The product is manufactured with the USA and use manufacturers that comply with the current Good Manufacturing Practices protocols.

Benefits of PROenhance include its effectiveness against erectile difficulties, resulting in longer, thicker and stiffer erections. It is a multi-herbal product that addresses all areas of male sexual satisfaction, including having better erections, an improved libido, and more stamina in the bedroom. The sex act is more satisfying for both the male and female. When the man can satisfy the woman during sex and can maintain his stamina, it makes it more likely for the woman to have a satisfactory orgasm along with her partner.

Pros of using the product are that it has a unique delivery system, eliminating the need for taking pills every day. Just one patch needs to be applied to the abdomen, with effectiveness lasting 72 hours before the patch needs to be changed. Because it contains many different herbs, it addresses male sexual enhancement in several areas, including getting a hard and thick erection, lasting longer in the bedroom and having amazing orgasms.

The cons of using PROenhance delivery system is that it isn’t yet offered in stores and you have to purchase it through the company’s website. Ordering is easy and there are a lot of bonuses if you buy more of the product.

The company offers many discounts and bonuses along with your purchase of PROenhance Patches. A one month’s supply is around $68 but if you order more, you get more off per bottle and extra bonus items. For example, a two month supply is only $58 per box and you get a members only access to a special part of their website. You also get Erection System™ Access. If you go all out and purchase a year’s supply of patches, you’ll pay only $359, which is only $30 per month and you’ll get several bonuses, including:

  • One free bottle of Volume Pills™ Semen Enhancer to improve the volume of your ejaculate

  • One free box of ProSolution Pills™

  • Free access to the members only section of the company website

  • Free membership to the Erection System™

  • Free shipping in the US only

You get more bonuses and a better value depending on how much product you order at a time.

The company that makes PROenhance patches offers a guarantee along with your purchase. While most men will begin to see results in as little as 2-3 weeks, the company gives you 67 days to return your unused purchase for a full refund, less the shipping and handling costs. For a limited time, they also offer free shipping.

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