A Comprehensive EnhanceRX Patch System Review

Have you always been insecure about your penis size and want it to get bigger? Do you feel you could perform better in the bedroom in order to satisfy yourself and your sexual partner? If so, you could benefit from EnhanceRx Patches, which involves taking part in taking effective herbal compounds derived from traditional Chinese Medicine delivered in a unique and modern way.

The average penis size in Caucasian men is about 6 inches. Unfortunately, studies have shown that women prefer a larger penis size. Men, too, feel better about having a longer and thicker penis. They feel a stronger libido and they feel more confident in the bedroom, allowing for a better and more satisfying sex life for both men and their sexual partners.

There are pills available for you to have a thicker and longer penis; however, you have to take them every day and they rely on the digestive tract in order to get the product into the bloodstream. If you instead use patches, you can put on a patch and not have to think about it for another three days, after which you have to change the patch.

Men and women alike appreciate a longer, thicker penis and using pumps to achieve that effect just isn’t very sexy. It is far better to naturally enhance the size and girth of the penis without having to use an artificial contraption.

EnhanceRx Patches are a great alternative to living with a small penis or having to use a pump for penile enhancement. These patches involve applying a small patch to an area of your skin so that the herbal ingredients impregnated into the patch are instantly absorbed into the skin, bypassing the stomach and the rest of the digestive tract. The EnhanceRx patch will deliver a consistent and reliable amount of the herbs for a total of three days (72 hours). After that, all you need to do is put another patch on a different, preferably hairless part of your skin, excluding the genitals and the face.

The herbs begin to work right away to lengthen and thicken the penis, especially during an erection. It relies on the same technology that is found in nicotine patches and some hormonal patches but it allows all-natural herbs to get into the bloodstream instead. Besides having a bigger and thicker penis, the herbal supplements in the product increase your sexual energy, libido and stamina in the bedroom. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are pleasing your sexual partner in all the ways that count and will have better orgasms yourself.

The patch begins to change your penis after just one to three weeks. During that time, you will notice that you have a firmer and thicker penis that can stay erect for longer. After nine weeks of steady use of the EnhanceRx patch, you will have made great strides in penis length and girth. Your erection will be much harder than it has ever been and you will be able to maintain that erection for the time it takes to satisfy your sexual partner. You will also notice better orgasms with an increase in the volume of your ejaculate.

The website for EnhanceRx patches contains several positive testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of the patch for sexual enhancement. The delivery system of the patch has been proven effective in many medical articles and the herbs themselves have centuries’ worth of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been relatively recently that modern science and traditional Chinese medicine have come together to create this amazing patch.

The EnhanceRx patches have many benefits. First of all, it is a sexual enhancement system that is easy to use. You simply have to apply the discrete and compact patch to a hairless area of your body, with the exception of the face and genitals. You can forget about it for three days before you have to change the patch to a fresh one. The product is delivered right away so that within a few days, you begin to notice an increase in the length and thickness of the penis. Your sexual partner will notice it, too, because you can better tantalize her sexually responsive places.

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The patch increases your confidence during the sex act and your overall libido is better. While the patch begins to take effect right away, it takes up to 9 weeks to have a maximal response. When you reach this maximal response, your penis can be as long as 3-4 inches from the length it was before you took the patches and you can have more stamina in the bedroom, with an increase in the volume of your semen.

There are many pros to using EnhanceRx patches. The delivery system of the patch can’t be beat because the herbal ingredients bypass the digestive tract and are absorbed directly into the skin. The patch only needs to be changed every 72 hours and you can forget about it in the meantime. Within a few days to weeks, you will notice an increase in the length and girth of the penis during sex because the herbs are known to increase the blood flow to the penis—a requirement that is necessary to have a strong, big erection. Your libido will increase and you will feel much more confident with your sexual partner, who will also notice the change in your sex life.

One con of the product is that it is only able to be purchased over the internet. If you purchase a month at a time, it will cost you about $55 per month. Fortunately, the package is delivered to your door using discreet shipping so no one, even your sexual partner needs to know you are using the patch.

You can purchase the product one month at a time at about $55 a month, which is a $15 savings over the products original price. If you order a year’s supply, the product is only about $26 a month and it comes with a free Penis Exercise eBook and a Male Secrets eBook. You get these products for free if you order a six month supply or a year’s supply of the EnhanceRx patches.

The makers are so confident that you will have success with using EnhanceRx patches that they offer you a 180 day money back guarantee. You simply have to return any unused portion within 180 days of purchasing the product and you will get all your money back with the exception of shipping and handling costs. This gives you about 6 months to try the product risk-free!

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