Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

The topic of vagina satisfaction is very sensitive. Lack of sexual satisfaction from either men or women has broken one too many relationships. In marriage, particularly, sex satisfaction is of utmost importance. In this case, let us consider something more specific- vagina satisfaction and the role played by a longer penis.

For women who experience vaginal orgasms during sexual intercourse, a longer penis has the potential of increasing pleasure- findings from an international study. In the debates and discussions on whether the size of the penis matters, it's no wonder the response is always dependent on an individual.

The most recent data from Kinsey Institute reveals that around 20 to 30% of women don't experience orgasms during sex. Out of the 321 research participants, the researchers were interested in the remaining (160) number of women who experienced either clitoral or vaginal orgasm during sex. During the survey, women from across all nationalities, ages and backgrounds were required to fill out a survey relating to their orgasms (over the previous month). They were required to answer questions such as how often they had experienced clitoral or vaginal orgasm and if it happened during intercourse or masturbation.

The research participants were asked to establish how crucial sexual intercourse is compared to other sexual activities such as foreplay. The objective of the researchers was to determine whether the women felt that the penis length mattered for their sexual pleasure during sex or not. The research participants were asked to imagine that the erect penis length is similar to the US dollar bill length. In the real sense, an erect penis measures about 4.7 inches to 59 inches on average- although a slightly larger or smaller penis is also considered normal.

60 percent of women claim that the penis length doesn't make any difference. According to them, they are likely to get off during sex if their men had a long penis or even an average one. However, the researchers were more curious and even dug deeper. They found out that nearly 34% of the women who prefer a longer penis do so probably because they experience vaginal orgasms relative to the other women. Further, the women claimed that actual penetration is more important compared to other sexual activities such as oral sex or masturbation done with their partner (using sex toys).

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A longer dick has the potential to stimulate vaginal parts that an average penis may not reach such as the Vagus nerve and the cervix. Even though you may help your lover to achieve orgasms through stimulation of the clitoris, orgasms of that nature are normally short-lived compared to the ones originating from a mix of deep penetration and clitoral stimulation due to the thickness of larger penises. Orgasms achieved from these sexual activities are exceedingly explosive as well as longer lasting- I can bet that this is exactly what every sexually active woman wants.

Another primary reason why women tend to love longer penises is that they excite them and even makes them much more open to orgasms. The very sight of a large penis makes the majority of females go into overdrive. Simply put, more massive penis sexually arouses so many women way before the beginning of foreplay. The situation makes it a lot easier for such women to obtain multiple orgasms because their bodies have been put in a more receptive state of anticipating vaginal penetration from their large sized male partners. Surprised? No need to be; even women experience what is known as anticipation for sex after being visually excited. This operates, in the same way, that a man anticipates for sexual pleasure with a woman who carries big and firm breasts.

Women love larger penis sizes because they can use any sex style and position with their men and still enjoy maximum sex. Men with smaller penises are usually limited to specific sex positions so as to satisfy their women in bed such as doggie style, woman sitting and V-formation among numerous others. The fact that larger dicks allow women and their partners to have sex in whatever positions makes sexual encounters more exciting and fulfilling. Some sex positions are impossible for men who are shorter endowed. This is particularly true when the guy wants to engage harder thrusts. Further, longer penises do not easily slip out as the shorter ones do during sexual intercourse.

It is important to note that, at times, a dick can be so long that it results in less stimulation for one explainable reason. Immediately the woman is unable to accommodate the whole length, she automatically loses out the sensations that are usually caused by the contact of the two bodies during every thrust. Of utmost is the pubic bone of the man as well as the slapping testicles that create extra pleasure by repeatedly thumping to her clitoris and her exterior genitals. When this lacks, it becomes nearly impossible for the woman to attain orgasm.

During an anonymous study conducted in 2004, it was discovered that 85percent of women secretly wish that their lovers have a way of increasing their penile size. This means that what the majority of women want is a larger penis size. The study also indicated that such women are usually sensitive to their lovers and wouldn't wish to hurt their feelings since they feel that men are stuck with the penis size they are born with.

On the other hand, a penis that is too long can be bad for the woman during sex intercourse. As I have always said, there is nothing sexy about a painful sex encounter. Sex is about experiencing manageable pleasure- sweet pleasure for that matter. In that case, in as much as the majority of women are comfortable with the penis sizes of their men, the penis length also matters when it comes to vaginal satisfaction.

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