Some People Believe Vaginal Orgasm Is A Myth

I read and participate in various forums on the internet- particularly where penis size is concerned. One of the things that I have noticed is that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about vaginal orgasm.

So, does vaginal orgasm happen? It is important for us to get to the root of the matter in order to understand. Several studies by different individuals and groups conceptualised the issue of female orgasm from a few decades back, to present.

Freud Sigmund was apparently the first person who postulated the concept of vaginal orgasm according to him; the clitoral orgasm was entirely an adolescent phenomenon. After reaching puberty, a mature woman shifts to vaginal orgasm. This means, attaining orgasm in the absence of clitoral orgasm. At the very least, Sigmund acknowledged the very existence of vaginal existence.

On the other hand, studies conducted by Kinsley appear to report something different. Kinsley, together with a group of fellow psychologists conducted a study involving more than 800 women. Erroneously, they concluded that the clitoris was sensitive while the vagina wasn't. Kinsley categorically stated ‘the vagina is relatively devoid of nerve endings' in 1953. Simply put, he and the rest of researchers in his group ridiculed or rather dismissed the notion of the vaginal orgasm.

Years after Kinsley and the group published their studies, a couple- William Masters, and Virginia Johnson made an attempt of burying the sensitive aspect of vagina forever. By basing facts on the research findings of Kinsley, they made a conclusion that clitoral stimulation was the single source of sexual sensation- as far as the female genitalia is concerned.

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Apart from these studies and erroneous conclusions, different category of people- considered frustrated, penis- envious and an-orgasmic housewives also joined the feministic convoy. They spewed their disrespect for the male while shouting at their loudest that they never attain orgasm from solely from penetration. According to them, there wasn't anything like a vaginal orgasm.

Unfortunately, these women refused to see the big picture. They blinded their eyes from seeing the very truth that lay right in front of their eyes. They were afraid of admitting that their lack of vaginal orgasm was as a result of the inadequacy of the penis sizes of their men, as well as the absence of critical bedroom skills, as well as stamina.

It is clear to see that previous studies were erroneous and thus cannot be relied upon. A good number of women have claimed to experience vaginal orgasm every other time, even in the absence of clitoral orgasm.

Regardless of how things are, myths and misconceptions surrounding female orgasm are still present. It is, however, important for both men and women to understand that every woman experiences orgasm differently. Of utmost importance is for men to understand factors that contribute to the ability of a woman to attain orgasm, of course apart from the penis size.

On the other hand, men need to relief themselves of the pressure that comes with penis size. There are so many other ways of stimulating a woman sexually that men need to learn. You just need to up your game in matters sex, and you are right to go.

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