Other Factors Affecting A Woman's Orgasm

Women have been said to fake orgasms as others attain it multiple times in a single sexual encounter. This is one of the reasons why the topic of female orgasm attracts a lot of attention – the fact that it lasts five seconds notwithstanding.

Approximately 26 percent of women will not reach orgasm regardless of what you do on your part. The ability of a woman to orgasm will differ from one day to the next. Her preference for sexual styles and techniques will also vary slightly or considerably from one day to the other. This happens even if your penis girth is within her ideal penis size. At times, she will want penetration, other days she won't need it all and on other occasions, she will prefer more of touching and kissing and so on.

Basically, there are other factors that affect the ability of a woman to reach orgasm. It is important for any man to understand these factors in order to enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship with the woman in his life. Some of these factors include:

Man's emotional involvement

Women are emotional beings and love it more when a man responds to their emotional needs. If a woman is in love with you, she wants to not only know but also feel that you connect emotionally and that you feel the same way. If you love her as much as she loves you, or even more, and she can feel it freely, then your penis size will not come into play. A huge percentage of women will experience intense sexual pleasure, excitement, and ultimately orgasm if their men are emotionally involved with them.

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Variety, variety, variety

Just because your woman loves one thing during sex doesn't mean that she likes just that. No one can refute the fact that women love to be treated and handled with a lot of tendernesses when it comes to sex. At least, most women do. On the other hand, there are times she wishes you would do it rough, rugged and hard. Yes, in as much as she doesn't say it to you, there are women who fantasize hard sex at times- even if not always. Where variety is involved, boredom is a rare term. Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. Keep the fire burning and with fresh excitement every once in a while, you won't struggle making her attain orgasm.

Penis hardness and motion style

Apart from the size of your penis, the hardness of your penis and the manner in which you move it matters a lot. A man whose erection isn't truly hard experiences difficulties bringing a woman to orgasm. Additionally, you have to learn how to move it right- touching and pressing the sexually sensitive parts of her vagina. These two aspects are of utmost importance for any man who wishes to bring her female partner into ecstasy.

Have you ever wondered why some women stick to men who you consider small sized? The truth is, they have learned to be real men, to show real their women real affection and most importantly, they respect women. Keep these factors into consideration, and you won't have difficulties satisfying your woman sexually.

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