Female Orgasm

Every woman desires the kind of sex that makes her attain orgasm- in fact, multiple times during the act. This explains why men feel pressured to satisfy their women in bed. Prior to attempting to make her happy in this manner, it is important to understand the concept of female orgasm. Undoubtedly, this is a complex phenomenon. There are various things that determine the amount of vagina satisfaction a man can deliver. One of the most critical factors is the penis size.

In this regard, it is advisable to have a deeper understanding of how and why the size of a penis affects female orgasm. For this to happen, you should be aware of several important facts.

Let us understand the anatomy of female genitalia. It has at least two different areas commonly known as hot spots. I am talking about areas that are extremely responsive to sexual stimulation. They include the clitoris and the famous ‘G' spot. The former is a tiny organ whose concentration of nerve endings is very high. It is found outside or at the top of a woman's vagina. It erects slightly whenever it is manipulated. The latter is found in the vagina. This is one is a package of nerve endings which is approximately two inches up away from the pubic bone on the upper wall of the vagina.

Do you want to locate her G-spot? In a gentle manner, slide your finger inside her with the palm facing up and curl your finger up using a ‘come hither' motion. Explore various techniques of stimulating this area and ask her what she likes best.

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Different sex experts have disagreed on the types of orgasm. In the end, however, most of them seem to agree that an orgasm is an orgasm; regardless of the area of the female genitalia being stimulated. Nevertheless, orgasm can be classified into either clitoral or vagina orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm is reached through direct stimulation of the clitoris. It has between 6000 and 8000 nerve endings. The nerves are triggered using direct localised stimulation through sex toys, fingers, and the tongue or even through masturbation. Typically, this orgasm is said to be higher and very intense.

When a woman is incredibly turned on, just like the penis, her clitoris also becomes engorged with increased blood. As a result, if this blood is not released through orgasm, discomfort will occur- just it happens with men. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that approximately 26 percent of women have problems attaining orgasm. If you have done everything possible and she doesn't orgasm, attribute it to her mental block- it's not you.

On the other hand, vaginal orgasm is attained through stimulation of her vaginal canal. Hot spots, in this case, include the cervix and the G-spot (earlier described). Due to the bigger surface area, women describe vaginal orgasms as being deep and relaxing. After reaching vaginal orgasm, a woman experiences a profound sense of calm.

As far as clitoral orgasm is concerned, the penis size doesn't count. On the other hand, a thicker and longer penis may cause more stimulation compared to a shorter or a thinner one. Of utmost importance is to exercise wisdom and make her reach that orgasm.

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